GGMT (GGM token) - a deflationary utility token (ERC20) with a fixed supply represented on-chain:

  • not in-game resource

  • utility token

  • used as a payment method for buying and selling in-game assets as NFTs on the ggmPortal (internal NFT marketplace)

  • used as a loyalty token by ecosystem partners to get preferences on GGM services

  • used in GGM Liquidity protocol for NFT assets pricing procedures

  • staking rewards

  • NFT farming

  • votings on protocol parameters

GGMT positive and negative pressure

GGMT positive pressure:

  • GGM Liquidity pool inflows - Liquidity providers purchase GGMT to get the incentives

  • Royalty - conversion from received liquid assets into GGMT

  • Burning - 1% of liquidity providers volume

  • Burning - 20% of all NFT royalties

  • GGMT staking to get rewards from the staking fund GGMT staking to get rewards for markup votings

  • GGMT staking to farm/boost NFTs with unique in-game utilities

  • GGMT staking to get the opportunity to submit NFTs for markup protocol procedures

GGMT negative pressure:

  • GGM Liquidity pool redeems of GGMT by the NFT holders

  • GGM markup protocol redeems of GGMT by the NFT holders

  • GGM Vault (liquid part in GGMT) outflow

  • Staking rewards

  • Voting rewards

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