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What is GG MetaGame?

GG MetaGame is a platform that offers gamers a unified game universe with hundreds of titles from various studios.

GG MetaGame is GreenGrey Holding's most ambitious venture yet—a revolutionary gaming ecosystem that amalgamates hundreds of game titles. It promises players not just games but experiences backed with unique rewards, NFT assets, and exclusive monetization opportunities. This is all executed under the vast and reputable umbrella of GreenGrey Holding.

GG MetaGame utilizes Web3 protocols to encourage the distribution of value to gamers who possess unified skins, avatars, and items. For developers, MetaGame provides a simple integration solution with extra tools for monetization, improved user retention, and access to a large user base. The value of MetaGame is secured by its profits (from the store, advertising integration, audience resell, and b2b streams), and a large portion of these profits will be distributed via web3 tools facilitated by token utilities.

For GG MetaGame (GGM), web3 protocols are considered as the most suitable and effective method to distribute its value to users (web2 originally) and encourage user acquisition, stimulating the growth of the web3 community. Thus, GGM Web3 protocols are, effectively, a set of additional Web3 tools allowing users to monetize their gaming experiences via p2e mechanics. The web3 open source protocols are originally provided by GGMT Technology and are continuously incentivized to be fully governed by the GGM community.

What makes GG MetaGame unique and stand-alone?

GG MetaGame helps solve two core problems in gaming: many game developers without the resources to promote them and casual games having low user retention.

It is a product in the format of an integrated SDK, which allows combining casual mobile games into a common space and separate game assets. This allows retaining users by navigating them through different games from the metagame universe and motivating them with common gaming assets provided by tokenomic protocols. This is the way developers or mini studios don’t worry about promotion, while users receive assets that have real value and are completely owned by them.

GG MetaGame exemplifies the fusion of classic gaming traditions with groundbreaking advancements in the P2E gaming and blockchain domains.

  • Holistic Gaming Ecosystem: Unlike conventional platforms that operate with segregated titles, GG MetaGame integrates a diverse array of games into a single, interconnected universe, ensuring a seamless user experience across genres and studios.

  • Blockchain Integration & NFT Implementation: A pivotal differentiator is GG MetaGame's forward-thinking integration of blockchain technology. This facilitates the transformation of in-game items into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), establishing a tangible bridge between gaming and the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency.

  • Established Audience Base: Another strategic advantage lies in GreenGrey Holding's expansive web2 mobile gaming audience. Rather than initiating from a nascent stage, GG MetaGame taps into this ready and engaged audience, offering them next-generation gaming experiences.

What are the main features of GG MetaGame I should know?

The entire GG MetaGame tokenomics is designed to share value with game studios, players, and the community.

  • Monetization: Beyond Traditional Ads and In-game Purchases.

  • Asset Ownership: Empowering Studios with NFTs.

  • Interoperability: Seamless Integrations with B2B Solutions.

  • Enhanced Freedom: Less Centralized Control, More Innovation.

  • Community Involvement: Embracing the Democratization of Decisions.

  • A Supportive Ecosystem: Liquidity, Vault Management, and Beyond.

  • One ID and Avatar: seamless login with different games.

  • Cross-reward system: players are incentivized to discover new games.

  • Single universe: ultimate space for game interconnection.

  • One currency: it can be exchanged for in-game items in any listed game.

  • NFTs: players’ achievements belong to them.

Is there a native token for the project?

There are three tokens in GG MetaGame: GGMT (GGM token) - a deflationary utility token (ERC20) with a fixed supply represented on-chain. GGMC (GGM coin) - in-game digital currency or set of in-game currencies not presented on-chain. GGMV (GGM vault) - a vault governance token (ERC20) with a non-fixed supply represented on-chain.

What is the token allocation?

5% initial GGM liquidity pool 5% key team members 5% backers - distributed between company equity investors early contributors 5% initial staking fund 40% liquidity 35% community - distributed between community members and game developers 5% early adopters and ambassadors

I am a gamer. What can I do here?

You will be able to dive into a multi-game ecosystem where your play is fairly rewarded and transfer your NFT assets across games for new experiences. Stay tuned for an exciting opportunity to be among the first to delve into the MetaGame universe! The first games are set to be publicly available as early as 2024.

I am a developer. What can I do here?

If you are a game studio or independent game developer, you can integrate your project into GG MetaGame and benefit from attractive Web3-enabled opportunities effortlessly. Our mechanics are designed for enhanced retention and monetization. If you represent a game studio or are an individual game developer, feel free to contact us via contact@greengreyholding.com

Do you have an SDK?

Our integration SDK is coming soon.

Are there NFTs I can mint or claim?

The prime method to get NFTs is to have some extensive gaming experience in the games of GGM. Staking of GGMT tokens provides the additional opportunity to get gaming NFT with unique in-game utilities. Staking of GGMT tokens provides the opportunity to boost in-game utilities.

What blockchain does GG MetaGame use?

GGMT and GGMV tokens are initially issued on the Ethereum network using the ERC-20 protocol. However, different mechanics, especially those related to gaming NFT assets, can be implemented on different chains, for example, Immutable.

When will the platform launch?

We expect to have an official launch in 2024.

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