About the project

GG MetaGame is a platform that offers gamers a unified game universe with hundreds of titles from various studios.

It utilizes Web3 protocols to encourage the distribution of value to gamers who possess unified skins, avatars, and items. For developers, MetaGame provides a simple integration solution with extra tools for monetization, improved user retention, and access to a large user base. The value of MetaGame is secured by its profits (from the store, advertising integration, audience resell and b2b streams), and a large portion of these profits will be distributed via web3 tools facilitated by token utilities.

For GG MetaGame (GGM) web3 protocols are considered as the most suitable and effective method to distribute its value to users (web2 originally) and encourage user acquisition, stimulating growth of the web3 community. Thus, GGM Web3 protocols are, effectively, a set of additional web3-tools allowing users to monetize their gaming experiences via p2e mechanics.

The web3 open source protocols are originally provided by GGMT Technology and are continuously incentivised to be fully governed by the GGM community.

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