Loyalty Model

Loyalty model is set to differentiate token holders by the size of their stakes with the goal to incentivise the increase of the staked GGMT. The following three loyalty levels are to be defined:

  • Platinum (top 10% of the token holders)

  • Gold (top 30% of the token holders)

  • Silver (top 60% of the token holders)

The higher loyalty level - the better economic opportunities will be assigned for:

  • GGMT markup procedures voting

  • NFT farming

  • NFT boost

The higher loyalty level - the higher the reward share of the loyalty group in the Staking and GGMT voting funds:

  • 50% for the Platinum group

  • 30% for the Gold group

  • 20% for the Silver group

The loyalty model parameters, like stake thresholds, are to be defined closer to the launch after the distribution of GGMT significant supply and achieving high liquidity volumes.

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