GGMT staking

GGMT staking is required for:

  • markup votings to appraise submitted NFTs and get voting rewards from the dedicated pool

  • NFT submission for markup procedure

  • votings on protocol parameters (like Epoch duration, minimum stake for NFT markup submissions, unstaking duration, etc.)

  • farming special NFTs with unique in-game utilities

  • NFT boost to improve NFT values

GGMT staking fund is filled with:

  • 7% of GGM Liquidity pool inflows

  • 80% of NFT royalties - all NFTs secondary market sales are subject to 3% royalty, 80% of which are send to the staking fund in GGMT tokens

Rewards are distributed on the Epoch basis from the staking fund (its state on the distribution moment) based on the average daily personal stake value.

By default the unstaking procedure takes 2 Epochs and is subject to be modified via voting procedures.

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