GGM Liquidity Pool

GGM Liquidity pool (liquidity bootstrap)

Liquidity Providers — the ecosystem partners who participate in the protocol procedures by supplying GGMT tokens to the Liquidity Pool. Liquidity Providers incentive is to get up to 20% discounts (or depending on the financial structuring they can decide on their own which part of up to 20% of their payment is to be allocated into the pool with the reason to get GGMV tokens minted, see below) on the following GGM services:

  • advertising monetization - promoting external products and services within the GGM

  • audience resale - services to get user base for game developers

  • b2b integrations into the GM

Additionally up to 20% of inApp monetization by selling game items are also used to be converted into GGMT and subsequently provided into GGM Liquidity pool.

Liquidity pool inflows in GGMT are then allocated into the following sub pools:

  • 70% for base-level pricing - to place bids on the GG internal marketplace in GGMT for NFTs

  • 20% for markup fund - to additionally appraise certain NFTs

  • 7% to GGMT staking fund

  • 2% to GGMT voting rewards

  • 1% for burning

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