GGM Vault (Escrow)

When Liquidity Providers supply to the Liquidity Pool their GGMT tokens, they receive an equivalent amount of GGMV (at 1:1 ratio). GGMV is an ERC20 token which is considered a “digital receipt” representing a liquidity provider's supply into the GGM Liquidity pool and correspondingly his the relative share of GGM Vault. The personal share is defined as the relation of the token holder’s amount of GGMV tokens divided by the total supply of GGMV.

GG MetaGame vault is filled with purchased by the Protocol gaming assets which were claimed as NFTs, and liquid fungible tokens like GGMT, ETH, IMX, USDT or USDC.

The liquid assets are gained by the decision of GGMT token holders through the following procedures:

  • sale of the NFTs from the Vault

  • renting NFTs at some defined monthly rate in GGMT

  • staking liquid assets of the GGM Vault

  • other Vault management actions with the potential benefits

The liquid part of GGM Vault can be distributed between all GGMV token holders by their quorum decision. Or GGMV tokens can be used to claim a corresponding liquid part of assets in the GG MetaGame Vault at any time by the redeeming procedure with the subsequent burning of the provided GGMV tokens (this procedure is available after 3 months of the GGMV tokens minting, where the delay is considered as a protocol parameter and in subject to change by GGMT token holders decision). Even though NFT assets of the GGM Vault are considered as the ownership of GGMV token holders, they cannot be redeemed at any time because of their non-fungible nature.

Voting procedures regarding the GGM Vault are subject to be modified by the decision of GGMV token holders (after the voting procedures launch).

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